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We believe the future of Performance is Immerisve and Interactive

Who doesn't like getting dressed up to hit the town in their favorite time period specific outfit? Or playing a character for a night and interacting with performers to collect clues and solve a mystery? We've turned your favorite fiction crime stories and unsolved mysteries into real life immersive experiences, and we're inviting you to join us for the ride.

We create worlds for guests to step into by using period specific elements through music, dress codes, dance moves and dining- for evenings filled with mystery and magic. Always durational and never lacking in surprising moments, guests  can expect to become fully immersed in each untold story by solving interactive missions and sometimes with even an overnight stay. After creating three successful shows in Los Angeles, we've got some new tricks up our sleeves to share with you in Europe. So without further ado, grab your red shoes, tap your heels three times, and join us in this fairytale world we've created just for you, like you've never imagined before.

We believe the future of Performance is Interactive & Immersive



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